After having a successful run with his Trilogy mixtapes, K. Sparks is back with his latest project Diagnosis: Success. This time around, Sparks tackles and narrates his experiences in trying to achieve his dream of success.

Filled with 17 tracks and quite a handful of guest appearances by producers as well as fellow rappers , the compilation is a real treat for hip hop lovers all over. The songs are fresh and carry that signature melodic rhythm with spot-on lyrics that the artist has excelled in for so long. Of course, there’s a touch of something new as well. A great album that’s perfect for welcoming both old fans and new fans to the fold.

Well known for his lyrics, Sparks combines wit, social commentary and personal experiences whenever he shares his music with his listeners. Diagnosis: Success is no different. It combines the artists sharp rhymes along with catchy beats, making it a very likable record for many indie hip hop fans.

Sparks didn’t actually tread on paved roads while trying  to achieve his dream. In the record, he peels back some of his layers and shares the nitty gritty to his audience; even narrating and answering questions about his thoughts and journey in between some of the tracks.

Some of the cuts like X-Ray, get quite personal, as it shares the artists home life at some point. On the other hand, songs like Chi City 2 Queens (one of my favorites in the compilation) and Senorita, add a bouncy charm while Purple Cloud and Rain bring the beat down, exhibiting a more laid-back, thoughtful Sparks.

This Jamaica Queens native has certainly gone far. With a masterful control over his music, K. Sparks has managed to establish himself through tough times and showcase what he’s got up his sleeve. Certainly a record worth checking out, go ahead and grab the album. It’s available for free download.

Chi City 2 Queens Feat ADD-2 by K. Sparks

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