Turn Based Strategy

Battle Camp

Battle Camp is a social game, but publisher PennyPop has made it more than that as it is also a match three RPG with plenty of social interaction, impressive graphics, plus a lot of fun and entertainment. If you’re into social games and love match three, then this could be worth your while.

Heroes of Dragon Age

Heroes of Dragon Age is the mobile version of the Dragon Age games. In this version by Electronic Arts, you have to lead your forces against the forces of evil. Fans of the series will know the game by heart, but if you are not familiar with it, your tactical skills will be required. Once you have an Internet connection you can begin playing.

RAD Soldiers

RAD Soldiers from Warchest Limited is a strategy game that will have you assembling soldiers and engage in turn based battles against formidable enemies. This is an exciting turn based strategy game, and the unique abilities of your mercenary forces provide you with different ways to beat your opponents.

Avengers Alliance

In Avengers Alliance for the iOS you assemble Marvel’s mightiest heroes like the Avengers, X—Men, Spider Man and others to do battle against Loki, Dr. Doom and other dastardly villains. This game from Marvel Entertainment, which requires an Internet connection, boasts more than 28 heroes, 400 plus items and more. This game by the way, isn’t linked to the Facebook version.

UFO Alien Invasion

UFO Alien Invasion is free strategy game which, as the name implies, will have you fighting aliens that are bent on invading the Earth. The game is heavily inspired by the X Com game, but the UFO Alien Invasion team has added enough features that make it different from the rest of the strategy games out there. It takes elements of the classic X-Com series and turns it into something new.

Gems with Friends

Gems with Friends is a mobile match-three game from publisher Zynga. Just like its other “With Friends” game this has a lot of features and is meant to be played with your friends or strangers online. This is a strategy game, and like the others released by the publisher, is a blast to play with your online buddies.

Checkers Free

The game of checkers has been around for a long time, and made their way into desktops laptops and smartphones. Checkers Free from Optime Software is one of the best looking ones for the iPhone yet. The design is simple and clean, something that has become a trademark of the company. Controls are intuitive; tap a piece to select and tap to where you want to put it. The game has an undo button in case you move in the wrong area. The options menu allows you to turn the sound effects on or off, use forced jumps or not and many others.