Classically contoured in every twist and turn, Reflet delivers narrative and quality into one intriguing short film. The story revolves around a young art re... Read More


Watch an arctic love triangle between a walrus, a seal, and a lobster in Cooked. This 7-minuter animation is directed and designed by Jens Blank, produced by Tom Legget, and written by Caroline Brucker. Cooked became an official selection in the Cannes Film Festival last 2010.

El Vendedor Humo

From the school that created FriendSheep, PrimerFrame, comes another short film that will transport the audience to a whimsical visual experience. El Vendedor Humo (The Smoke Seller) is a 6-minuter animation that tells the story of a mysterious vender who transforms and deceives a sleepy town through his magical smoke. It’s directed by Jaime Maestro and produced by Carlos Escuita.


He is fat, pink, and has an adorable snout. He has everything you are looking for in a pig. But by the end of this short film, you will surely contest that Ormie the pig is more than just delightful and charming written all over him. For the whole length of the short, watch Ormie as he launches numerous attempts in pursuit of his love – a jar filled with cookies. And what does a pig got to do in the face of food? Take it down and gobble it. It is not that easy a task; but, Ormie is not your ordinary pig in a pen.


Harmony. Pain. Love. Cycle of Life. Haoma reaffirms ESMA artisans' gift for imaginative and highly creative filmmaking. Originally a 2008 ESMA (Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques) graduation project, this short film was directed by students Matthieu Deltour, Melissa Lafon, Elodie Legros and Yann Moalic. The music was composed by Martin Romberg and performed by the Orchestre National de Montpellier.


Gentle yet compelling, Metro by Jacob Wyatt is a beautiful animation that will take you to surreal worlds and parallel universes. This four-minuter student film at the Bringham Young University shows the adventure of a girl through the city's underground passageway as she follows a mysterious fox that snatched her metro ticket. Wyatt certainly has a handle on his craft. He makes good use of soft tones, watercolor visuals, and subtle pacing to evoke a feel-good and heart warming emotion. The selective framing and composition abstracts adds texture to the short, adding spice to a linear narrative.

Reviving Redwood by Matt Sullivan

Treat yourself with Reviving Redwood, a lovely animated film about an old man's struggle to bring life back to an abandoned logging town. Directed and created by Matt Sullivan as a thesis animation at Ringling College of Art and Design, this short film bursts with spectacular color and flawless animation.


A story of courage and bravery, GOM streches our imagination with a kick of comical humor. The film was created by the talented team of Anthony Delliste, Tristan Evin, Maxime Guillemin, Florent Razafimandimby, and Alexis Vallauri for ESMA. With a 7-minute runtime, the film tells the story of Gom, a young boy who works in Acme Circus. Despite his fear of turning soft after hearing a loud noise, he tries his best to overcome this weakness.