Take a moment to breathe as Hannes Appell’s Motherland enthrall you to a state of awe. Set in a totalitarian propaganda world ruled from above, witness how a young girl spark off a revolution and challenge the ruling system or the motherland.

Using cuttig edge 3d real-time technology to depict a stylized past, Motherland offers the best of both worlds—it’s visually appealing and emotionally moving at the same time.

The narrative and imagery can be considered as the strongest suits of the film. Scene after scene, the viewers are treated with expertly rendered and framed images of stereotypic characters and motives that are abundant on the propaganda art of the 1920s and 1930s. The film succeedingly attempted to turn and deconstruct the concept of “motherland”, revealing terrifying truths behind the propaganda.


In Motherland, the filmmaker has brought the audience to the past—to the age of inverted totalitarianism. It showed a well-crafted model of the motherland during those times. The challenge now is how to model the motherland today.

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