acoustic guitar

Joel Dunn-Wilson: Superman

Are you craving for some good ole acoustic tunes? You’re in luck! Joel Dunn-Wilson is getting his musical gear into place with his new (and probably, the first) EP, Superman. In this four-track collection, the tunes are all guitar and no filler, just the way we like our iPod fodder.

Cherrycoke “Acoustique” – simple & timeless acoustic guitar album

Melancholic music with sweeping guitars that induce a melodic reverie. Apart from a Myspace site and a Jamendo page as well as the fact that he's from France, there is hardly any information on Cherrycoke and his music. Acoustique creates dreamy and melancholic bliss that engages every acoustic lover out there. Music like this can be described as transcending the language barrier. Its simplicity is actually its beauty and its appeal. By not having any complex guitar work and essentially just "sticking to the basics," Cherrycoke creates appealing music that works.

James Edwards “Christmas Bells” – free melodic acoustic guitar album

As I was listening to this free and legal seasonal album by guitarist James Edwards, my wife shouted from the other room, “Is That Julian Bream?” I doubt if I can come up with a higher compliment. While Edwards may not be Bream, he is still an accomplished guitarist. Christmas Bells offers 10 classical guitar renditions of classic Christmas songs. Beautifully played and easy on the ears, this is a highly recommended download for your seasonal music collection.