Melancholic music with sweeping guitars that induce a melodic reverie.  Apart from a Myspace site and a Jamendo page as well as the fact that he’s from France, there is hardly any information on Cherrycoke and his music.

Acoustique creates dreamy and melancholic bliss that engages every acoustic lover out there. Music like this can be described as transcending the language barrier. Its simplicity is actually its beauty and its appeal. By not having any complex guitar work and essentially just “sticking to the basics,” Cherrycoke creates appealing music that works.  Acoustique is a collection of four tracks that are endearingly sweet and familiar. It’s hard not to feel a sense of familiarity and emotion when listening to each of the songs. With the abundant use of synth and samples in most of today’s music, it’s often easy to forget that sometimes a stripped down, basic setup can be just as fun.

This four track piece opens with “Red” which, according to one person, sounds like the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Road Trippin.” There are similarities although not enough for me to be convinced. On the other hand, listening to “Loin” somehow makes me think of a father and his relationship with his son. “Comme avant” translates “As Before” is another quiet piece that makes for a great background while sipping coffee or cuddling a book during the afternoon. Finally, “the sand of acoustic time” conjures up a pensive mood. For some reason it cues in “unforgettable happy/sad memories.”

Despite some tempo issues, here and there, this short but sweet album is certainly great to have on your playlist if you are in the mood for some self-meditation.

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