Multiverse marks the first solo project from John Conner, the lead vocalist of Lights From Space. Whether you call this a full solo album or a side project, one thing we can agree on is the 5 tracks are definitely worth a listen. The songs are classic pop rock with some really good guitar licks thrown in, and beneath the simple arrangement lies lyrical depth and complexity.

Fall In Love is one of, if not the best song in the album. It’s a song about yes, falling in love, and features excellent electric guitars. The vocals and vibe gives it that 60s feel, yet there is also a distinct modern pop rock touch to it. The next track Pale Blue Dot starts off with an upbeat intro and hooks you not just with the strings but the lyrics. It’s about love but also waxes poetic about reality and the meaning of life. Good stuff.

In Your Eyes is probably the most unique song in Multiverse. The song builds up momentum nicely and has this futuristic, space, electronic sound to it. The computer sounds are put to good effect and while it wouldn’t usually work in a pop rock album, here it does. Here is one of the many instances where Conner shows off his dexterity and craftsmanship, making this track a gem.

Dreamer brings the guitar to the center stage and with good reason. Accompanied by searing vocals, the combination of the two takes this one over the top. Lastly we have There Goes That , a beautiful and sad song that looks back on a failed relationship. Taking everything together, Multiverse is a strong album and a worthy solo effort from Conner.

Favorite Tracks
Fall in Love
Pale Blue Dot
In Your Eyes

Track List
1. Fall in Love 1:36
2. Pale Blue Dot 3:15
3. In Your Eyes 3:12
4. Dreamer 2:50
5. There Goes That 3:49

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