Iron Seed

How many DOS games have you played in the last year? Most probably none. The gen-x might not be even aware of what the DOS platform actually is, but if you grew up on the system back in the day and want to go back to the good-old gaming days, then we have a something special for you. Iron Seed is your passport for a trip down memory lane. Developed by Channel 7 and published by Softdisk, the game is certainly a real-time strategy, science fiction, and space adventure.

No Gravity

Time for some very addictive arcade fun and this time around the treat is for the desktop lovers. No Gravity is a highly addictive gaming action with very neat graphics, gameplay mechanism and environments. This no nonsense game seems to win a favorable spot in fan books around the world, specially when it is being offered as a free and legal download. And although the developers Realtech VR have shifted to the more competitive mobile platforms like iOS, Android, WebOS - No Gravity remains a classic and provides a highly refined game structure.

Speed Forge 3D

This one is for all Android users with a love for speed running through their veins; so yes, if speed is what you need than Speed Forge 3D might just be for you. Developed by RatSquare for which the title is the first one to be released on the platform, it seems they have done quite a decent job. Speed Forge takes place on the planet Mars in the year 2142 with a good dose of crime taking place all around. Also, due to the heavy growth of industries, there has been an increase of the number of colonies and inhabitants, and special vehicles with heavy-duty armor has been used to help miners in crushing rocks with explosives.


This is an oldy-but-goodie. Cube was first released in singleplayer mode in January 2002 and had multiple updates all the way up to 2005. The game and its engine (which also called Cube) were developed by Wouter van Oortmerssen, a Dutch computer programmer. The game was always very well reviewed and it even received an award for "Best Free 3D Action Game" in 2003. It runs on almost all operating systems, it features both singleplayer and multiplayer gameplaya and even has a build-in level editor.