How many DOS games have you played in the last year? Most probably none. The gen-x might not be even aware of what the DOS platform actually is, but if you grew up on the system back in the day and want to go back to the good-old gaming days, then we have a something special for you. Iron Seed is your passport for a trip down memory lane.

Developed by Channel 7 and published by Softdisk, the game is certainly a real-time strategy, science fiction, and space adventure.

Players begin this cross-time adventure with a single ship and a chosen crew. The planets are randomly generated and there are numerous ship designs all dressed in a multitude of different play styles. Research, exploration, and diplomacy are some of the highly rated ingredients for success in-game.

The game houses a full blown option for new ships, new upgrades, and also includes ancient artifacts that help the player with reaching their objectives. Combat can be both in the form of random encounters or planned and executed by the player. Iron Seed is a true classic that focuses mainly on strategy and tactical issues.

Overall, its a great game with an infinite re-playable option. Highly recommended to all DOS platform gaming fans.

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