D.Tek: Kumari EP

Looking for satisfying electro-dub music to complete your Saturday night? If yes, then D.Tek’s latest Kumari EP is a great record to grab. It comes with 10 tracks that range from comfortable trance to hyperactive ambient dub. This is the latest release from the artist and features a host of tracks that harken to the good old days of electronic music.

Victor Hugo: Les Misérables

Widely considered as one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century, Les Misérables (literally “The Miserable Ones”) by Victor Hugo reeks of passion, idealism and high drama.

Elcko: Out Of Order

Elcko's 2010 release, Out Of Order proves that ten years of experience and unpretentious rock n' roll can really make a difference. Hailing from France, the 4-piece band of Manel (back vocals), Cédric (drums), Julien (bass) and Alex (vocals/ guitars) offers a new kind of rock blending organic, electronic and metal. Silence is Over opens the gates to a subtle mix of sweet brit-pop and powerful rock. Alex passionately delivers this track and belts out in the right parts.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Yes, its bad; we know. In fact it was hailed as one of 100 worst movies of all time on IMDb and described by many as the worst of all the Christmas movie flops to date. Yet, its there. And for the past 47 years it made thousands cry... with laughter. So why not share some of that unconventional cheer this holiday season. Are you ready than? Get your family, some popcorn, and open your heart for the poorly written and silly children's movie which according to one movie critic is "like a car accident unfolding before your eyes, it's impossible to look away even if only to see how bad it can get."

Uncle Tom’s Bungalow

An old time classic coming from Warner Bros, "Uncle Tom's Bungalow", can be only described as all fun and laughter - exactly what the Looney Tunes are famous for and doing best. With a run-time of 08:33, it is great to see how the environment manages to look convincing with just sketches. On top of that the cartoon features some really epic "characters", from a little kid with the meanest expressions to the sleeping hounds. These little personalities sport varied voice-tones and emotions that words simply cannot do justice.