Reggae has always been the embodiment of creating music for all. One shouldn’t be surprised at how vast its influence has been. It is not limited to Jamaica or other countries in the Caribbean as it transcends race and continents. Just take a look at Emeterians, a premier reggae trio from Spain that has been preaching about the transformative powers of roots reggae.


Brother Wildman, Sister Maryjane and Maga Lion were musicians with different leanings before coming in together to form Emeterians. What brought them together is the alignment of their beliefs and spirits that they feel is best captured in reggae.

Change The Mood is the band’s second album that put them in the musical radar of the reggae scene. Dub The Mood has the qualities of straight-up reggae-dub music: wailing horns, spoken word, flicking guitars and echoing vocals.

Taking a leaf out the page of reggae greats, Poverty is the band’s social commentary about wealth and inequality. All reggae artists are committed to reflecting the ill injustices of the world by turning it into music that everyone will hear.

Emeterians rely on the power of their message and their ability to transform it into exceptional music without pretensions. If you want new and relevant music to perk you up, listen to these Madrid standouts.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Sunshine
3. Next Generation
4. Dub The Mood
5. Poverty
6. Just Money
7. Last Summer
8. Animals
9. One Way Ticket
10. Life Is Your Right
11. Hope
12. Remember

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