Elcko‘s 2010 release, Out Of Order proves that ten years of experience and unpretentious rock n’ roll can really make a difference.

Hailing from France, the 4-piece band of Manel (back vocals), Cédric (drums), Julien (bass) and Alex (vocals/ guitars) offers a new kind of rock blending organic, electronic and metal.

Silence is Over opens the gates to a subtle mix of sweet brit-pop and powerful rock. Alex passionately delivers this track and belts out in the right parts.


Unfolding with a kick, Tell No One is for those that enjoy rhythmic explosions and fiery sensations. My Interview, on the other hand, traverses a slower phase. Tortured riffs, loud drum beats and pinches of electronic frequencies make this track a must-hear.

One strong point of Elcko is their ability to create intriguing and catchy tunes just like in the closing track Single Armada. Upbeat guitars slowly unfold into a plethora of instrumentation showcasing the band’s great potential.

All in all, Out Of Order is a new musical gem. Elcko has proven their ability to produce sharp music that will fill up any hard rock void.

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