Looking for satisfying electro-dub music to complete your Saturday night? If yes, then D.Tek’s latest Kumari EP is a great record to grab.

It comes with 10 tracks that range from comfortable trance to hyperactive ambient dub. This is the latest release from the artist and features a host of tracks that harken to the good old days of electronic music.

Initially part of a group, D.Tek went solo by 2011 and has since discovered his own “voice” in music. His tracks are riveting and bold, echoing a beautiful ethnic sound that sometimes gets easily lost in the world of modern bits and bobs.

Kumari EP is a rich record. While combining ethnic sounds with electronic ambient music may not be something new, there’s still a freshness attached to the tracks that make it really worthwhile.

Opening single, Indian Ocean, embraces with its twinkly sounds coupled with a deep bass and weird Sitar-like sound. Meanwhile, title track, Kumari features 5 minutes of straight mid-tempo rhythms laced by vocal mixes and danceable beat.

Shiva and Sunday (D.Tek mix) are more upbeat cuts compared to the others. These two still carry that ethnic vibe but are more infused with dancefloor beats perfect for a Saturday night dance-a-thon.

Kumari EP is available for free download so if you like what you hear make sure to grab this for your playlist as well. Enjoy!

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