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Songbird manages your music and videos on a number of devices. It is a perfect tool for syncing all of your libraries to your phone, computer, or an Mp3 player. And if you are a avid fan of certain radio stations or those amazing podcasts you have been tuning to nearly everyday, Songbird will never leave you hanging. Unlike some music players it's not super predictive, which I personally like. It's more about accessing your library, radio and online sources in one quick passage.

Dubmood: The (Mighty) Pirate Sessions Volume 1

Dubmood is a crossgenre Swedish chipmusican who started creating his chiptunes on modarchive back in 1996 and "The (Mighty) Pirate Sessions Volume 1" is his first MP3 release he created entirely on an Atari. Download the torrent of his free album and share with friends.