Damien Rice

Flights: Anywhere But Where I Am

If you're expecting some alternative punk duo to greet you when you listen to this record, then think again. What you'll find instead is a gorgeous blend of ethereal, folky indie pop sound that, well, sounds great as in-flight music. The band is actually made up of duo Eric Hillman and Brian Holl. Gathering influences from bands like Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, Bon Iver, Bjork and Aqualung; the duo echoes off the same laid-back, melodic and sometimes eclectic indie folk as their influences. Anywhere But Where I Am comes with 13 tracks and was released over at BandCamp on New Years Day 2012.

Wise Children: Absence & Reunion EP

If you have a soft spot for quiet, acoustic indie folk, it'll be hard to pass up on Wise Children's second release, Absence & Reunion EP. It's about a year old but definitely worth checking out especially for fans of songs that exude a folkish, indie vibe. Wise Children is actually a one-man band led by Robin Warren-Adamson. Hailing from the South Coast of England; he plays dreamy, melodic indie folk that's reminiscent of Iron & Wine and a slightly less somber, Damien Rice.

Night Reports: You’re All Out

Another band that you wouldn't think is composed of only two people at the helm; Night Reports create beautiful indie rock music with a touch of soul. Long time friends, Derrick Brown and Beau Jennings, have both collaborated in various projects before. However, they've never tackled anything similar to Night Reports. Although the collaboration started out slowly, with both of them passing MP3s and recorded files via email and voice message; they eventually compiled what has become You're All Out. The record is a concept album of sorts, as it revolves around an athlete who is down in the dumps and living (and reliving) his life in his glory days.

You Me and Apollo: Cards with Cheats

For moments when all you need is a sweet voiced singer with his guitar serenading your quiet afternoon; You Me and Apollo should make really good company. The guy behind this sonic ensemble is Brent Cowles. A pastor's son from Fort Collins, Cowles started writing and creating songs at the age of 14. Thanks to an early start, he developed a beautiful sound that resonates with both quiet and upbeat tempos, mesmerizing vocal work and skillful guitars. Simplicity and intrigue are both present in his work, something that makes you want to tune out the world and simply tune in to his songs.

Alex Bailey: The Four Seasons

I could've sworn Alex Bailey was simply Damien Rice in disguise! Of course, I was wrong. This talented singer creates beautiful acoustic folk pop music that's meshed with a tinge of classical. If you ever enjoyed downtempo, moody music like Damien Rice's, then this album is definitely right up your alley. Sometimes the similarities are a little too uncanny, but there's no doubt it's still great music. Definitely an artist worth checking out as long as you appreciate acoustic folk pop.