A gorgeous album by Steve Katz, Barricades is an infusion of slow rock and folk tunes, with some hints of artists like Damien Rice, James Blunt, and Cat Stevens.

Born and bred in Belgium, the young Katz has already been immersed in music from playing the guitar at 14 to spending countless hours listening to Pink Floyd, Santana, The Eagles, and Supertramp.

His love and passion for music grew in full bloom as he took diverse inspirations from his extensive travels. Currently, he’s a New York-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist who performs regularly at venues throughout the city.

Freshly released this October, Barricades offers five radio-polished tracks that introduces Katz as a fully-fleshed artist in the indie landscape.

Thrive opens up with slow electric guitars. Katz earthly and stripped down delivery adds texture and mood to the whole song.

Exploring the folk acoustic territory, Today I Saw Hope makes use of charming guitar play-ups. Title track Barricades, on the other hand, exudes Katz’ Spanish influence as it presents a slow-dance ensemble perfect for that late night dinner.

Modern Tale seals up the album with an emotional and nostalgic feel. Katz heartfelt delivery gives justice to the well-penned verses and chill musical arrangement.

In Barricades, Steve Katz has given us the full slow rock experience. With only five tracks, he has given justice to his chosen genre and proven that good music is created with sheer talent and passion.

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