Jeff Carl: EP

In Jeff Carl’s latest EP, the NY based singer/songwriter is in his honest, fun, live-in-the-moment attitude. Released last August 16, 2011 under Q Productions , this latest musical effort features five acoustic pop songs that are ready to hit the radio waves. Intro track I’ll Be Gone Tomorrrow is packed with just the right dose of sunshine to lift the gloomy days ahead. Jeff’s radio-polished vocals is a treat to the ears.

Swimming: EP

Like most bands, Swimming is a fusion of various musicians who belong from different bands. Regardless of their different projects, this 7-track EP still beams with beautiful cohesion. The band itself is made up of Brian Kupillas- Guitar, Vox , Max Glenn- Bass, Vox, Jared Hennessy- Guitar, Vox and Neil Lord- Drums. Mixing laid back, feel-good music with a surf rock vibe, you get an EP that radiates with great songs; perfect for times you want to hang out with friends and family and simply relax.

Bravestation: EP

Even though new wave has somewhat taken its course, occasionally there are bands that transform this standard genre into something so much more. Bravestation is one of those bands. Taking the typical new wave/hipster sound and weaving it together with lush melodies and colorful instruments. The band is from Toronto and this EP serves as their debut compilation. It came out back in 2010 and has been praised for their distinctively likable sound.

Canopies: [EP]

The Canopies new EP approaches the music scene like a ravenous tornado. With glowing harmonies and raw talent, the group delivers an eccentric sound that's fresh to the ears. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the band is composed of Nolan Treolo, John Marston, Craig Leren, Jake Brahm and Paul Trinko. Since their formation, they have already surprised music lovers with their psychedelic-pop/rock sensibility.

Joanna Gruesome EP – indie noise goodness with a touch of the 90s

If you're expecting something loud and chaotic from this group, then you're in luck. Joanna Gruesome may not be as "gruesome" as their adopted moniker but they certainly know how to be loud, energetic, sweet and unpredictable. Describing themselves as having a "twee" sound, the group knows how to infuse their oftentimes chaotic ensembles with some beautiful and sweet pop music. This Cardiff crew has a knack for making lofi indie basement rock sound so good. This EP is a few years old since it was released back in 2003, but it still shines like new and fits perfectly with today's music.

In[Perfektion] “Perfekt Chaos” – free electronic dance album from Enough Records

In[Perfektion] is a Portuguese music project that began back in 2005. The band is composed of two former members of the now-defunct band Twilight Garden. The members of the band In[Perfektion] are Walter, who provides the vocals and is on the synths, and guitars; Charlotte, who is on synths and programming, and Hypecrash, a Live Member on the synths. Their third release, "Perfekt Chaos," is a five-track dark electro EP that was originally released in 2007. Now, the EP has been remastered is now available for free download via the netlabel Enough Records.

Resplendent/Downey: Respondent EP

The Respondent EP by the Chicago and Stockholm based Resplendent/Downey is certainly one oldy-but-goody release, in internet years anyway, and certainly one of my all-time personal favorites. Released in the summer of 2007, coagulates a massive amount of feeling and idealism, that is beautifully transmitted in a mix of electronic music and good, heartfelt vocals.