Siblings: My Brother

What an apt move for a band of ‘Siblings’ to make an EP about ‘brothers’? Well, excuse the pun, but seriously, the newcomer British quartet makes blood relations sound cool in last year’s My Brother EP. Though only containing three radio-sized tracks, each one is jam-packed with that ambient folk vibe which haunts their influences, such as Bon Iver and The Shins.

ToriTori: Boom

Speakers are about to go Boom, as ToriTori releases her first ever EP of radio-friendly R&B tunes. Just one glance at the way that she’s packaged, and you can definitely see that ToriTori (Latoria Boyd in real life) only has mainstream dominance on her mind. That possibility isn’t far from happening though, since ‘Boom’ is looking to be one well-crafted collection.

Ashton Parson: Walk on the Water

Sit back, relax, and tune your precious headphones to Ashton Parson’s debut EP, Walk on the Water. Brooklyn native Ashton Parson, whose genre of music he describes as “swamp pop”, sounds more like a dainty equivalent for pop. Nevertheless, its ‘catchiness’ sits right beside that soul-infused brand of pop rock which plagues Maroon 5 and The Script’s records.

Tearjerker: Hiding

Where have the good tunes been ‘hiding’? In Tearjerker’s stash of an EP! Canadian indie band Tearjerker has been seeing a recent surge on its following, a long way since their first LP in 2009 (“Slouching”). However, Micah Bonte, Trevor Hawkins, and Taylor Shute refuse to stray from what they play best: trippy pop music.

The Simple Carnival: Girls

Vintage is cool again, and one-man band The Simple Carnival isn’t the attraction to be left behind. Once you pop in the Girls EP, memories of good ol’ beach-ready radio in the 70′s hearken back to mind, which is exactly the correct description. The Beach Boys and Hall & Oates will surely laud the outcast-appreciating, stalker anthem “Really Really Weird”, as well as those unforgettable summer memories, which are summoned by “Caitlin’s On The Beach”.

Sudden Death of Stars: EP

Exuding folky shoegaze 70s style rock is something these Rennes septet is very good at. Sudden Death of Stars carry a hypnotizing sound that's great to wake up to on a lazy Saturday morning. This is their first EP and it contains 5-tracks recorded and released back in 2010. Employing old school instruments, analog recording and an ethereal psychedelic vibe, the album is a lush soundscape filled with interesting bits to please listeners. Apart from this, the boys have released a new record which should be up on the blog as well.

Family Photos: Heavy Hearts EP

Family Photos seems to be a band that's all about capturing old-timey nostalgia, like when you're all grown up and looking through all of your old photos, cringing at the funky haircut and the odd clothes. Heavy Hearts is the band's first official release. Their sound combines indie and alternative rock but they seamlessly echo a retro vibe to their sound. Even though they're a fairly new band, they have a lot riding up their sleeve. Their songs are dreamy and has the capacity to make listeners want to listen to them over and over again.

The Suits: The Suits EP

Dont you just love feel-good music? The Suits self-entitled EP offers superb pieces that are ripe for your distinct musical palette. Formed in 2011 at Fordham University, The Suits is a New York based band composed of Mike Sanz (producer/drum machine), Ian Grotto (bass/instrumentalist), Eric Grossman (lead guitar/instrumentalist), and Eddie Gore (lead singer/keyboardist). Their music can be described as a fusion of indie, rock, alternative, jazz, and hip hop compositions. Released last April 22, 2012, their new EP serves seven tasteful tracks that are fresh from the oven.