In Jeff Carl’s latest EP, the NY based singer/songwriter is in his honest, fun, live-in-the-moment attitude.

Released last August 16, 2011 under Q Productions , this latest musical effort features five acoustic pop songs that are ready to hit the radio waves.

Intro track I’ll Be Gone Tomorrrow is packed with just the right dose of sunshine to lift the gloomy days ahead. Jeff’s radio-polished vocals is a treat to the ears.

Here I’m Home is a tribute to hometowns and life at its best. Heartwarming verses slowly builds into a celebration of drum beats and ethereal keys. Not only does this track offers accesible lyrics, it also has a unique musical delivery that allows the instruments and vocals to standout at the same time.

First to Get Away explores the moody territory of heartaches and letting go. Jeff expresses himself with heart-felt imagery and a stripped-down delivery.

Sincerity is clearly rooted in the song Lonely Bird as verses like “Though strangers we may be, we sing the same song” will surely melt anyone’s heart.

Not This Way closes up the EP with a nostalgic piano ballad. Jeff’s vocal prowess is highlighted in this track as he belts out some powerful notes.

One thing that makes Jeff Carl’s music standout is how he brings his own personal experiences into a level where listeners can relate to. The songwriting is impeccable and honest. He should be commended for exposing his heart and mind producing tracks that will make you remember life and love, in its purest sense.

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