The Wyld: Abstract EP

Stop whatever you’re doing and listen to The Wyld‘s Abstract EP released last October. The Wyld creates a new wave of sound by fusing opposing genres of hip-hop, ambient, and rock. This produces a body-shifting, almost spiritual music experience. With six tracks ready for download, this sampler is a great treat for those seeking a new kind of high.

March of the Real Fly: March of the Real Fly EP

Get those ukuleles up in the air, ‘cause we’re going with the ‘march of the real fly’! The Sydney-based band, who upholds their music as folk and punk, are put to the litmus test in their second, self-titled effort. Bringing a whole lot of attitude, organ-playing, raw drums, and plain trippiness, we can safely say that March of the Real Fly is a bonafide mix of fun.

Shannon Wardrop: Medicine

Backed by a three-piece band, Shannon Wardrop delivers fresh, punchy melodies in her latest EP Medicine. The 20-year-old singer/songwriter from the outskirts of London takes her inspiration from The Rolling Stones, Small Faces, Jefferson Aeroplane, and The Kinks. Released last June 2, 2013, Wardrop’s sounds enters a new dimension of alternative music with soft vocals and sharp arrangement.

Richard Jacobs: Blistering Winds EP

Released only on July 2013, Richard Jacob’s first EP entitled Blistering Winds captures our hearts through his moving lyrics and charming voice. This splendid singer-songwriter from UK delivers us five songs that cements his role as a dreamer, a singer, and poet who can remain true to himself and reveal new things at the same time.

Joel Dunn-Wilson: Superman

Are you craving for some good ole acoustic tunes? You’re in luck! Joel Dunn-Wilson is getting his musical gear into place with his new (and probably, the first) EP, Superman. In this four-track collection, the tunes are all guitar and no filler, just the way we like our iPod fodder.

Wynter Gordon: Doleo

To paraphrase Ned Stark’s prediction, “Wynter is coming.” Wynter Gordon, that is. After releasing her debut album, the underrated gem With The Music I Die, in 2011, the singer-songwriter is currently busy with her Human Condition EP series, the first of which is last year’s Doleo.

Emerald Park: Things EP

Take a stroll through the ‘emerald park’, where random ‘things’ abound, except for a dull time. Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, the guys and gal (only one) of Emerald Park surely know how to cook some infectious tunes.

Maja Olenderek Ensemble: EP

Like a jar brimming with different flavors, Maja Olenderek Ensemble‘s new self-titled EP is inspired by various genres—from theatrical ballads, gentle girlish blues, eccentric sounds, flamenco melodies, and jazz reggae.