Adapter for Mac and the PC takes away all the hassle that comes with converting various media files to other formats. This program by Macroplant only takes a few mouse clicks to convert a file and the process is also quick. Even if you are a new user, the installation is very simple and the interface makes it easy to use.

Smart Converter

Smart Converter by ShedWorx is a video converter that produces quick and very high quality output, far superior to other video converters for the Mac. Aside from being fast, the application has support for literally hundreds of file types and can convert them into various formats so you can play them in different devices.


LIVES is a free video editor developed by Gabriel Finch for Linux. This application, which can also be used by video jocks, has many powerful features like real time capture, trimming and resizing of video clips, and de-interlacing. However, the interface makes the features very accessible.

VLC DVD Ripper

VLC DVD Ripper is a free ripping program that lets you convert your DVDs to different formats so you can play them on your favorite devices. This free program is also easy to use and it supports a number of popular audio and video formats


EZVid is a free video editor that you can use to make videos on YouTube. But really it’s more than just a video editor, as EZVid.com also incorporates a screen recorder and slide show maker into the application. What has really made this one of the most popular video editors is its ease of use while using the latest cutting edge technology rarely found in other high end editors.


DivFix++ by developer Erdem U. Altinyurt is a free AVI repair tool. As its developer points out, AVI files can be become corrupted, and this can spell trouble if you are trying to convert your AVI files and save them on a console or your smartphone. This program will fix the file for you and it’s free.

Hamster Free eBook Converter

Hamster Free eBook Converter from developer Hamstersoft allows you to convert ebooks so you can read them on a variety of devices such as the iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry and other devices. While ebooks are becoming more popular, the vast number of formats and devices can overwhelm a user, but this app will take care of that problem.


If you have some sensitive files on your computer, it will do you a lot of good to hide them from prying eyes. One way is to use AxCrypt, an open source file encryption program for Windows. Not only is it free, but in terms of providing security this program by the AxCrypt development team is very powerful.