HD game

Dead Trigger

All the hardcore gaming fans with a thirst for some eye-popping graphics, it is time to welcome the ultimate in mobile gaming in the form of Dead Trigger. This is one game where Zombies will make you squeal and gore will become a part of your life. Dead Trigger was developed by Madfinger Games, the developers of the most visually outstanding games, such as, Samurai Vengeance and Shawdowgun. The developer has gone one step ahead in the fight against piracy within the Android ecosystem, and made Dead Trigger available for free. Commendable job we say.

NFL Pro 2012

HD gaming fans, it is time to satisfy your hunger for jaw-dropping visuals and some heavy-duty, jaw-breaking, spine-crushing action courtesy of Gameloft. Finally, NFL Pro 2012 has made way to the Android platform and this is one heavy-duty game that will set the pulse racing especially being a free app. Created by Gameloft, this developer could as well be named the king of HD gaming for the Android platform proving its mettle time and again. Offering an HD title as a freemium app is something that does not happen often and the NFL franchisee is a well-known one among gamers.