260 EP


Up for chilling and relaxing? We have your perfect companion. Blvnt Records gives us another free-to-download smash in the form of the jazzy 260 EP by G Mills. Though the entire thing ticks around just under 10 minutes, listeners are still in for a laid-back auditory session that will make one clamor for a longer one. [Hey, we can’t have everything!]

Diners: Throw Me A Ten

It seems that lo-fi is the route that many bands have been taking. After all, indie recording isn’t that much of a foreign as it used to be with the many recording apps and equipment within the reach of anyone who dreams of having a band. Not to mention that there are many studios out there who welcome up and coming bands into their recording booths.

Braves: Seapunk

Emerging from the Perth music scene is Braves, a four-piece band that operates around the lo-fi, dream pop genre. The band has gained to comparison to other acts such as Cloud Nothings and Beach Fossils.

Father Figure: People Leave

People Leave is the debut release of Father Figure – a musical act of two people who have been collaborating musically for years. Composed of Sean Steinmetz and Matthew Babenko, both sharing vocals and guitar duties, and are both from Brookhaven, Pennsylvania.

Ray Brown: Canyon

Performing since 2010, singer-songwriter Ray Brown hails from Salem, New York. Canyon is the first release from the artist and it’s been described as a sandwich of fun and tragedy at the same time. Containing 12-tracks, Brown’s genre of choice is acoustic folk but he manages to extend and incorporate a little bit of alternative and country to the mix as well.

Twin Berlin: Sleazebrain

Rock will, and always be, the go-to music for people wanting to vent out just about anything. Twin Berlin, a three-piece band composed of Matt Lopez, James Janocha, and Sean O’Neil, is bringing their “raw and belligerent music” to all of the FrostWire users and FrostClick readers alike. [And we love it.]