Up for chilling and relaxing? We have your perfect companion.

Blvnt Records gives us another free-to-download smash in the form of the jazzy 260 EP by G Mills. Though the entire thing ticks around just under 10 minutes, listeners are still in for a laid-back auditory session that will make one clamor for a longer one. [Hey, we can’t have everything!]

Jazzman Rice,” the opening tune, is a sweet piano ensemble gone urban (well, so does the rest), and plays well in the most exquisite of dining rooms as it does on those hidden lounges. “Chrysalism” slows down even further for a slow dance-ready romp — the perfect opportunity to invite someone to dance with when it comes on the stereo.

The vintage R&B arrangement in “Milk & Honey,” meanwhile, makes one wish it’s a full-blown track, but the smoothness will do. The concluding tracks “Chip Skylark” and “Lodeon” don’t fail either; they’re practically what bedtime anthems should sound like after a long day at the office.

Track list:
1. Jazzman Rice
2. Chrysalism
3. Milk & Honey
4. Chip Skylark
5. Lodeon

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