Native America began as a way for 22-year old songwriter Ross Farbe to channel his passion for noisy, homemade indie-rock. Infatuated with physical space and natural reverb, Farbe broke into several warehouses, campus parking garages, and abandoned spaces to record his music, achieving a rough and grimy sound for his tracks.


The music on Get Well Soon is a dreamy blend of the carefree surf-rock of The Beach Boys with the grunge and grit of 90s alternative rock. The opener Reminded brings to mind, on many occasions, the sound of Weezer with its easy-going melody paired with loud distorted guitar chords. Some may even find themselves remembering The Strokes while listening to Get Well Soon’s fuzzed vocals and bouncy rhythms.

While the first few tracks are clean, catchy offerings, the album gets more and more chaotic and lo-fi as it progresses. We often hear the band playing around with a Nirvana-esque loud-quiet dynamic and their melodies are presented to us sheathed in a screechy wall of noise. Take for example, the nine-minute Pictures – a slow psychedelic jam that periodically hits listeners with an assault of thick, murky guitars or the cheerful and melodious Living Room which has the nastiest recording on the album.

Favorite Track: Bayhouse


Track List
1. River Boat
2. Reminded
3. Bayhouse
4. Christ Almighty
5. Living Room
6. Personal Space
7. Pictures
8. Winedrunk Potluck
9. Bird’s Eye
10. Hush
11. You’re (Still Trying To Figure Out How We Got) Here
12. Earth Chattering

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