Heart-Sick Groans: Oh, I Can Do a Number of Things

Savor ear-tantalizing melodies with Heart-Sick Groans’ first ever release titled Oh, I Can Do a Number of Things. This free download features four animated tracks that churns cheerful, homespun indie pop. The Sweden-based band is composed of Johan Brännström, Martin Lindström, Henric Wallmark. Gunnar Carlén and Marcus Brännström also helped to make this whimsical offering possible.

Josh Woodward: Only Whispering

This is an oldie-but-goody release from Josh Woodward. Praised for his melodic voice & witty lyrics Josh definitely delivers on this one. "Only Whispering" is probably the most acoustic of all seven of his albums and as he himself admits, the one most focused on storytelling. My favorite songs include "I'll Be Right Behind You, Josephine" for sweet lyrics & "East Side Bar" for its swing-like happy feeling. If you need a nice relaxing album to listen to on a quiet day - here is a perfect one for you.

jitney: 86-300

Another great release from Rock Proper, an online music distributor for quality rock bands who license their music under Creative Commons. Jitney is a new project from Casey Meehan (the founder of Rock Proper). "86-300" is a well composed classic rock album with some insightful lyrics. Download the Album here.