Another great release from Rock Proper, an online music distributor for quality rock bands who license their music under Creative Commons. Jitney is a new project from Casey Meehan (the founder of Rock Proper), who after a some adventures with major labels moved from New Orleans to Chicago to release his first album “Violet” on the Tense Forms label in 2003.

“86-300” is a well composed classic rock album with some insightful lyrics. The title comes from the number of Meehan’s Chauffeur’s license (he was the 86,300th cab driver to be licensed in Cook County). He’s been a night shift taxi driver for two years, writing the lyrics on a dashboard while trying to earn some extra money to finance his album.

“Other than the late-night, cityscape imagery of streetlights, gasoline and drifters, this album explores the element of chance”, explains Meehan. “There were many setbacks for this musician in recent years, including nearly loosing his leg necessitating many difficult months of recovery. This material explores dealing with forces beyond ones control; the song “Fin” may be interpreted as a brief commentary on the struggling music industry.”

01 Fin
02 Butterfly Knife
03 Love Draws Blood
04 Dizzy Spells
05 Twilight
06 Twilight Laser Battle
07 Tricky Be
08 The Get Lost Kid
09 Long Time Coming
09 Walk Awhile Longer
11 Coda

Produced by Matt DeWine.
Written, arranged, and performed by Casey Meehan (except where noted).
Recorded and mixed by Matt DeWine at Pieholden Suite Sound, Urbana, Il (except where noted).

Mastered, sequenced, and edited by Jonathan Pines, with Matt DeWine at Private Studios, Urbana, Il.

Dizzy Spells and Tricky Be recorded by Kris Poulin at Electrical Audio and Semaphore Recording Studio Chicago, Il.

Bass on Fin by David Vandervelde. Bass on Butterfly Knife by Nick Meiers. Drums on Butterfly Knife and Love Draws Blood by Jim Duffy. Drums on Dizzy Spells and Tricky Be by Mark Benson. Drums on Twilight, Twilight Laser Battle, Long Time Coming and Coda by Kaanan Tupper.

Cover art by Jason Frederick

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