Michael Jackson

Mindy Gledhill: Anchor

Welcome your lazy mornings with a flavorful zest such as Mindy Gledhill‘s Anchor. Packed with eleven carefully brewed tracks, this collection gives off a soothing aroma that reminds you of warm memories.

Jay Adim: Fool For You EP

Jay Adim is an actor, singer, songwriter, and pianist who is originally from Lumberton, New Jersey. At a very young age of 4, he performed in front of an audience which started his inclination to music.

Tiny Danza: You Could Have It All…

It's not an understatement to call Tiny Danza's You Could Have it All... one of the most accessible and vibrant hip-hop album I've encountered in years. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, this six-year old group traverses a variety of genres from hip-hop, dance to r&b. With musical influences like The Roots, Led Zeppelin, Donny Hathaway, Michael Jackson and The Beatles, it's not a surprise that the group's new album is a plethora of polished tunes and potent lyricism.

Adam Stern: Music Mondays

Adam Stern packages his goods in a tight, fresh set. Released last February 2011, Music Mondays offers nine pop-infused tracks that'll surely melt your ears with delight. Commonly referred as "The Dreamer Child", Adam is a popular Los Angeles based singer/songwriter that muses on love, heartbreak, war, peace and coexistence. Stern's music was greatly influenced by his childhood in Berkeley, CA , while devouring to the albums of The Beatles, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. Since 2009, he had independently released 40 tracks including two full-length albums.