The Silent Age

The Silent Age from publisher House on Fire is a puzzle adventure game that moves back and forth from the present day to the 70s. You’ve-probably played games like these on the PC, but the features and interface are designed specifically for mobile devices.


This is one game that has always featured on my classic list and there will be many who have played it endlessly on their PCs. Yes, the game we are talking about is 'Plumber'. In this game, players need to connect various pipes and let the water flow seamlessly without any loopholes. Developed by Monsters Game, these developers have a specialty for casual arcade games. Though their game Plumber has garnered the highest number of downloads till date.

Rome Puzzle

Download free puzzle game today and start building the heart of the Ancient Roman Empire to become the Emperor! If you have ever fancied yourself as a new age Cesar or wonder what it would be like to be the architect of an empire, the Rome Puzzle game gives you just a little taste of power and a big whop of imagination. The task is to work out puzzles made up of tiles, choose resources and build Rome as fast as you can.

Angry Piggy (Adventure)

So here we are again with what seems like another "Angry Birds" ripoff. This time around the tables have turned a bit and we are offered Angry Piggy (Adventure). As the name says it all, in the game it is the pig who is angry, but very surprisingly not with the birds. Developed by MPC Games, these developers have quite a few cute games under-their-belt, but it is the Angry Piggy that got them the impressive number of downloads within only a few days of its launch on the Android Market.

Orblitz – 3D physics-based free puzzle game

Orblitz, a fast-paced and dynamic puzzle game, is the brainchild of The Yakuza: a group of four comprising Josh Bell, Jason Runta, Jesse Kvatek and Marc ten Bosch. Each has a distinct role in the making of the game, from being a technical director to being the marketing manager. What was originally an idea by Marc and Josh to create a game that involves mazes featuring different art textures proceeded to become the 2006 Winner Student Showcase of the Independent Games Festival. Its not hard to understand why.