The Silent Age from publisher House on Fire is a puzzle adventure game that moves back and forth from the present day to the 70s. You’ve-probably played games like these on the PC, but the features and interface are designed specifically for mobile devices.

You play Joe, a janitor, living an ordinary existence in 1972 until he finds a dying man. The man tells him that he is from the future and that it’s up to Joe to find the stranger’s younger version of himself. The game itself isn’t difficult to figure out because every chapter has Joe moving into different areas of a large city.

To reach specific areas you need to meet specific goals, and just like other puzzle adventure games, you have to find items, climb in windows, break glass and find keys to open doors. The graphics are sharp and the music is very appropriate; there’s enough information in the game to keep you going.

The puzzles are challenging but not to the point it gets frustrating, and you only use an item for each puzzle and after that you discard the item. What this means is you don’t have to keep holding on to several items. Finally, it should be noted that you will be doing a lot of solving in the future and present, but the way the game moves makes it easy to understand and go with the flow.

If you’re new to puzzles, Silent Age should serve as a good introduction to the genre because the game isn’t that difficult to learn, and the description text really helps as well.

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