Download Rome Puzzle today and start building your Empire.

It is a combination of a puzzle and city planning as you manage aqueducts and navigate the icon streets of ancient Rome. Rome was one of the most legendary cities of all time. Can you lead it to greatness or will you be responsible for the fall of the empire?

The Rome Puzzle game has little to do with brawny gladiators. Your task will be to collect and choose resources to thrust Western civilization forward. The quicker you finish, the faster you get your empire. If you make good decisions, Roman inhabitants will pop up with messages.

You will have more than 20 masterpieces to construct and the game will move you through 4 epochs from the beginning of Roman villages through to the golden age. You can right click on buildings to find more information about them to help you build your city. The faster you build the city, the more chance you will have of going to the Olympus and shimmying up to the gods.

This is unique and engaging game that gets the imagination going and tests your skills of observation. To say it is educational for kids might be slightly exaggerating, but it does mention broadly real epochs and masterpieces. I would say it could install a passion to learn more about Roman Civilization in kids.

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