ProleteR: Rookie EP

Take a break from the daily grind and bask in soulful hip-hop tunes with ProleteR‘s new EP, Rookie. Featuring eight tracks, the album is another genius addition to the artist’s rich canvass of hip-hop and jazz infusions.

Benjamin Briggs: Attention Deficit EP

Benjamin Briggs is super electronic and he proves that in his latest EP Attention Deficit. Hailing from Danville, Illinois, Benjamin is the complete package�from composition, arrangement, mixing/mastering, and remixing� this independent artist holds the record for extreme versatility. Too Soon approaches with asteady club vibe. Electronic tunes with some melodic video game remixes will give you a steady psychedelic high.

Pepper Johnson: Flat Country

Hop on the the time machine as Pepper Johnsons' Flat Country brings you good old country melodies with a psychedelic twist. Released last June 19, this 8-track album was written and performed by David Moore at Brooklyn, NY. Other musicians that made this album possible are Jeff Ratner, Kari Groff, and Kristen Andreason.

Mary Page: All Before the Head of State

New kids on the block Mary Page proves that natural talent is a key player in making it big. Repackaging happy things to sad pop songs, the three-piece band of Mary Page, Turner Stough and Tim McCoy emerged from the budding music scene of Brooklyn, New York. Their latest musical venture All Before the Head of State, is a buzz builder to the groups undeniable potential.

Emily Leong: Tides

Coming from the great lakes of East Lansing, Michigan, Emily Leong is a folksy acoustic singer-songwriter that mixes in a little bit of indie rock, pop, and more. She draws her inspiration from good books, lovely people, interesting places, beautiful things, minimalism, adventure, and the pursuit of truth. Good vibes will surely flow into your blood stream once you start listening to Tides.

Rykard: Shelter Cove

Lift those gloomy days with a hint of sunshine in Rykard's latest musical project Shelter Cove. Released last August 11, 2012 through Dedpop, the Northern England-based musician gives to us four tracks oozing with infectious electronic synthpop that will surely make you feel that it's summer all over again. Title track Shelter Cove opens up with tribal beats and dangerously addictive synthlines. Glowing electro tunes floes steadily through each note, creating the perfect laid-back anthem.