Coming from the great lakes of East Lansing, Michigan, Emily Leong is a folksy acoustic singer-songwriter that mixes in a little bit of indie rock, pop, and more. She draws her inspiration from good books, lovely people, interesting places, beautiful things, minimalism, adventure, and the pursuit of truth. Good vibes will surely flow into your blood stream once you start listening to Tides.

Almost Home immediately showcases Emily’s angelic voice, an indispensable asset any female singer would want to have. Burn Out Bright with all its acoustic goodness would not fail you both in the instrumental and lyrical end of the song.

Emily shows her more existential religious side in Treasure, “I was taught to believe in God/Right as I grew up” and “But the killed themselves/By creating their own hell”. The Carpenter hits the spot with the violin touch, played by her good friend Essie Shachar-Hill.

Lastly, The Barrel of a Gun finishes it off by questioning traditional church practices and its monotonous customs and rituals.

Tides by Emily Leong gives music from the feet that carry us around. It turns your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. A feel good music that sets our mind not only free but also in a state of critical judgment and analysis.

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