There would always be space in the music industry for women who know how to belt a tune or two. Tarra Layne is a Pittsburg local that took in all the sound and soul of the city to be the musician that she is today.

In her Once You Go Red EP, Tarra Layne goes back to her roots as she pursues to make a mark outside of the local music scene as well. It starts with the high-octane Cherry Moonshine. It uncorks like an explosive that matches well with Layne’s powerful and gritty vocals. This high-energy song is the perfect song to open the EP as it presents her full vocal prowess.

In Man At Home, Tarra goes down a notch in terms of intensity but this doesn’t mean the song is a downer. The mid-tempo song has a quiet confidence to it and has power in all the right places.

If you want a true blues song, her acoustic version of I Thought That Bitch Moved will do the trick. There is a sense of authenticity and earnestness in how she sounds that will remind you other blues greats like Janis Joplin and Etta James.

If you are looking for someone that sounds like Carrie Underwood but packs more punch, give Tarra Layne a spin and she will take you to the dusty musical roads of Pittsburgh.

Track List:
1. Cherry Moonshine
2. Heated
3. Man at Home
4. Difference
5. I Thought That Bitch Moved (acoustic)

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