Take a break from the daily grind and bask in soulful hip-hop tunes with ProleteR‘s new EP, Rookie. Featuring eight tracks, the album is another genius addition to the artist’s rich canvass of hip-hop and jazz infusions.

Rookie stems from the musical mold of Feeding the Lions, ProleteR’s previous EP, which was also featured on FrostClick in 2013. What makes ProleteR’s sound unique is how each arrangement focuses on texture, creating a hip-hop/jazz hybrid that’s grainy and vintage, but at the same possesses the rhythmic appeal of mainstream hip-hop.

First stop is By The River, which caresses the ears with lush saxophone melodies that envelope steady beats and swanky vocal samples. Beyond the jazz-tinged tunes, ProleteR manages to arrange an intricate percussion backdrop without overpowering the song’s vintage, groovy vibe.

In No Place I Can Go, ProleteR takes us to dark city alleys after midnight where mystery and suave soulful tunes fill the air. Listen as a steady hip-hop beat is sustained throughout the track, tying the plethora of horns and percussion musings into one cohesive musical experience.


The perfect company for quick out-of-town escapes, Throw It Back (feat. Taskrok) brims with charleston, jazz, and rap arrangement that triggers a certain nostalgia of memories in hues of sepia. Go on a short drive, open your window, and let the breeze flow past your hair while listening to ProleteR’s dope sound.

If there’s one thing I can assure you when listening to ProleteR is that there is always a certain level of surprise as each note unravels one after the other. So press play, download, and let Rookie‘s tracks groove your soul.

Track List:
1. By the River
2. No Place I Can Go
3. Not Afraid
4. Throw It Back (feat. Taskrok)
5. Inna
6. My Melancholy Baby
7. Stereosun
8. Throw It Back (Instrumental)

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