Fleshing out fervent, unfettered emotions, VÉRITÉ adds another layer of flavor to the pop-alt scene. With lush melodies painted on a theatrical canvass, the singer/songwriter from Warwick, NY gives listeners a tragic yet beautiful listening experience.

Combine Lana Del Rey’s vulnerability, Lorde’s honest lyrics and Ellie Goulding’s pop hooks and you’ll get VÉRITÉ’s latest EP, Echo. The collection takes on the singer’s strengths, churning them into four rich, melancholy pieces that hypnotize you all throughout.

First stop is Strange Enough, which is the songstress’ debut single that made her viral on Twitter and crowned her as the #1 artist on Hype Machine. Seconds upon pressing play and you’ll immediately get lost in a world of smoky atmospheric arrangement that builds into a serene anthemic chorus. There’s no doubt that this track became viral as it has a level of honesty that appeals to young listeners.

In Weekend, the songstress weaves a synergy of vocals, percussion, and bass where themes of ‘carefree youth’ and ‘love’ are intertwined into gorgeous lines. What’s special in this track is how it carefully balances pop hooks and spacious melodies, creating a pumping piece that gives the right amount of energy and chill to jive to.

A personal favorite, Echo butters our ears with pounding beats and a unique vocal play that muses throughout the piece in a fun, quirky manner. Listen as VÉRITÉ’s voice curls and hushes through each beat, mastering the beauty of subtlety in just four minutes.

Lastly, the EP closes with a staggering spacious piece titled Heartbeat. Layers of echoing vocal effects and thudding drums flare up at just the right moments, creating an affaire de coeur between calmness and explosion.

Experimental in almost all the right ways, VÉRITÉ delivers an album that showers the listeners not only with mood-inducing sounds, but with moments of sentimental brevity. Echo will definitely amp up this young artist’s career. So download, press play, and let VÉRITÉ satiate your musical thirst.

Track List:
1. Strange Enough
2. Weekend
3. Echo
4. Heartbeat

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