Hop on the the time machine as Pepper JohnsonsFlat Country brings you good old country melodies with a psychedelic twist.

Released last June 19, this 8-track album was written and performed by David Moore at Brooklyn, NY. Other musicians that made this album possible are Jeff Ratner, Kari Groff, and Kristen Andreason.

Heavy acoustic strums and a hooking 80s beat opens in 1983. Let this highly-addictive track brighten up your day with its upbeat rhytm.

Laura follows up with a slow burning arrangement highlighting steady drums and busy strings. Moore’s stellar vocals invests the right amount of emotion that the song needs.

Blending country and psychedelic stomp, One and One and One is a pleasurable sonic piece that’s oozing with energy. Press play and let this groovy track sway your feet.

Songs like When the Morning Come, Poussière, and A Friend are saccharine acoustic pieces that tones down the energy from the upbeat tracks. This sonic gems, especially A Friend, are the perfect soundtrack for mornings over coffee.

In Flat Country, Pepper Johnson has crafted an album that exudes rhytmic variation while maintaining faithfulness on a genre. The preciseness, quality, and creativity of the songs make this album a must hear for any season.

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