The shins

The Wall & The Window: The Years EP

Like a soft whisper, The Wall & The Window have mastered the beauty of singing quiet and hushed up lullabies. According to the band, The Years EP takes you back to a time when a recording was meant as "an actual record of a moment in time, like a photograph in motion, framed for an instant within the borders of the picture." Fully done on a 4-track cassette, it has that lofi, yet polished and spontaneous feel. Behind this great folk EP are songwriters, Adam Mormolstein and Kristen Hotschlag.

Low Voltage Rangers: Spirographology

Low-Voltage Rangers might sound like a band but the fact is, there's only one man standing at the helm; Jeremy Toltzman. Taking up the moniker Low-Voltage Rangers, the artist sings, plays the instruments, and writes the songs. Spirographology takes 34 tracks recorded by the artist between 2004- 2011. This includes two of his latest singles. Despite having no label or any professional studio equipment at his disposal, the music he creates is filled with beautiful melodies and great indie lo-fi quality. It's something you'd love to listen to on a quiet evening, slowly lulling you to mellow out and relax after a long, hard day.

La BlogothequeTake Away Show (Les Concerts à Emporter)

Nearing it’s fifth year and under the close guidance of Vincent Moon, the Take Away Show already produced hundreds of music video clip sessions with bands like Liars, R.E.M, Arcade Fire, Sigur Rós, Caribou, Architecture in Helsinki, The Shins, White Rabbits, Sufjan Stevens, Tom Jones, Phoenix, Yo La Tengo, and Block Party. Those simplistic, informal, yet masterfully shot high-production captures of some of today‘s greatest music is made available to everyone each week as an artist or a band is invited by La Blogotheque, a French music blog, to perform.

Davy Long: Babies (Side A)

Downtempo folk acoustic group, Davy Long, brings in sleepy lullabies in "Babies." This acoustic, folk pop album is filled with quiet, lofi tracks with a touch of psychedelia. For the band's first official album, it seems to be treading on the right path. Davy Long compiles music that's ambient, delicate and a bit eclectic. It serves as the perfect mood setter for a lazy, gloomy morning.

Strange Birds: Strange Birds EP

Acoustic alternative indie folk that takes you far, far away into the California coast. Strange Birds is Aidin Sadeghi and Bret Leinen. Together, they create a soft acoustic and alternative sound that echoes the "wonders of the California coast." Think The Shins coupled with Chris Martin style vocals. This self-titled EP is composed of 7 lovely tracks that, in fact, do reflect a soft California flair. For the band, the main goal was to "create music as true and familiar as the places we have passed through and the experiences we have shared over the past year."