Low-Voltage Rangers might sound like a band but the fact is, there’s only one man standing at the helm; Jeremy Toltzman. Taking up the moniker Low-Voltage Rangers, the artist sings, plays the instruments, and writes the songs. Spirographology takes 34 tracks recorded by the artist between 2004-2011. This includes two of his latest singles.

Despite having no label or any professional studio equipment at his disposal, the music he creates is filled with beautiful melodies and great indie lo-fi quality. It’s something you’d love to listen to on a quiet evening, slowly lulling you to mellow out and relax after a long, hard day.

Despite being tagged as “lo-fi”, the record actually sounds quite good. It doesn’t just come equipped with catchy melodies but the lyrics are fun to listen to as well. At best, it’s a combination of genres. There are cuts that showcase the indie folk side of the artist and there are those which feature the artists’ penchant for creating lovely pop melodies.

Things is a lovely single that sets the mood for the album. It features a semi-upbeat rhythm that is both catchy and laid-back. There’s also a beautiful familiarity to the vocals and harmony, calling to mind The Shins in certain instances. Another dreamy and mellow acoustic track, Anything, Anymore exudes a quiet reverie. Mixing beautiful guitar work, low-key vocals and a great tune; it’s easy to fall in love with the song.

Other songs I enjoyed in the album include Don’t Get Scared, Far Corner of the World, and Radioshow. There were also some I wasn’t really fond of but considering this is a compilation of previous demos, I guess it’s a bit forgivable. The important thing is that the album carries more than enough songs to warrant more than just a listen. I’d recommend you to check this one out.

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