Nearing it’s fifth year under the close guidance of Vincent Moon, the Take Away Show already produced hundreds of music video clip sessions with bands like Liars, R.E.M, Arcade Fire, Sigur Rós, Caribou, Architecture in Helsinki, The Shins, White Rabbits, Sufjan Stevens, Tom Jones, Phoenix, Yo La Tengo, and Block Party.

Those simplistic, informal, yet masterfully shot high-production captures of some of today‘s greatest music is made available to everyone each week as an artist or a band is invited by La Blogotheque, a French music blog, to perform.

The sessions, fully improvised, are filmed in a multitude of environments be it a street, a crowded elevator, random bus, boat with mariachi band, an office, grocery store. The unusually staged and live performances with its rough and demo-like feel, stand in opposition to the artifice of the traditional music videos and represent the founders’ vision of a single-take, organic acoustic sessions.

The Take Away Shows are a product of a unique collaboration between the Parisian filmmaker Vincent Moon (director to numerous of R.E.M’s music and video projects) and Chryde, founder of La Blogotheque, both of which wanted to shake things up and find a new way to film and share music.

Soon, what started as a unique way of capturing bands performing live at ad-hoc venues, usually in or around the streets of Paris, turned into an international project with artists from all corners of the world and it’s first Take Away Show (featuring The Spinto Band from Wilmington, Delaware) released in April of 2006. Be sure to check up on La Blogotheque’ s new international film project, Temporary Areas.

Check Vimeo for the latest videos and downloads.

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