Wake up

The Wyld: Abstract EP

Stop whatever you’re doing and listen to The Wyld‘s Abstract EP released last October. The Wyld creates a new wave of sound by fusing opposing genres of hip-hop, ambient, and rock. This produces a body-shifting, almost spiritual music experience. With six tracks ready for download, this sampler is a great treat for those seeking a new kind of high.

Dan Masquelier – Wake up

Dan Masquelier grew up with music; he plays violin, bass, piano, sings, writes and records his own creations. And with two albums already released on Jamendo many people who have made Dan's songs part of their permanent music collection hope there is still more to come. Originally from Tracy, California, and graduating from California State University at Chico with a degree in Music Industry and Technology, Dan's first album, Wake Up, is a wonderful blend of acoustic, folk, and a touch of indie sounds ready to warm up just about any day with its calm yet highly optimistic nature.

IntraHeath International remix of Youssou N’Dour’s “Wake Up”

Some time ago Intrahealth International released a special remix in honor of World Malaria Day. The project was put together by rapper Mopreme Shakur, brother of the late Tupac, and soon included ten tracks all being a remix of Youssou N'Dour's song "Wake up - It's Africa Calling". The purpose of the project was to address the most critical health issues in Africa by bringing greater awareness of and support for open source training/development for health workers across the continent.