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Wikipedia might have received a wide array of custom apps on the iOS platform already, but Wikiamo could just be one of the best of such apps out there so far. As an intuitive Wikipedia viewer, it makes the entire reading process a pure joy.

Developed by Satoshi Nakagawa, the app is really uncluttered and provides the readers with a host of options for the best Wikipedia article viewing.

Basically, Wikiamo formats the original article for comfortable reading. This is not all, however, as readers can easily bookmark articles for later or just for ease-of-access. The history feature is really a great addition to the app, as it could also become a source for future references.

iPod Touch and iPad (Wi-Fi only) users always find themselves in a fix with on-the-go internet connectivity, this is where the page cache feature helps. Under this, readers can cache a article and access it offline anytime. Also the app adds some very helpful features such as, links to articles in other available languages as well as multilingual incremental search.
Users can also decide on the articles’ font size, use auto-rotate, shake the device to change page, or use Wikipedia search bar when the app is fired-up.

Wikiamo is said to be the best free Wikipedia reader on the App Store. There is an alternative to this app called Wikipedia Mobile, but it retails at $2.99 and offers no extra features above Wikiamo.

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