Alternative Rock

Silver Torches: The Living Fact

Who are we carrying a torch for? Why, it’s none other than the new act – Silver Torches! A project by songwriter Erik Walters, Silver Torches releases its debut album The Living Fact, and it’s one of the season’s bests so far.

Cavanaugh: Far From Chicago

At the mention of the phrase music from Sweden, the odds are you'll sing in your head a line or two from Dancing Queen or, if your affinities lie at the opposite pole, make a mental list of your favorite death metal bands from that part of the world. Much as outsider impression of Swedish music is limited to the spirited disco pop of ABBA and the baneful loudness of the country's vibrant metal scene, a genre that's somewhere near the confluence into which these opposing musical streams flow is peeking out for some attention. Cavanaugh, a four-piece band from Borlnge, Dalarana, is among the proponents of this genre, which the group unabashedly calls mainstream rock. But even as we hear that from the band itself, a deeper look into its music reveals sensibilities that have recently been missing from the mainstream scene at large. The 2009 EP Far From Chicago, spirited as it is in a way heavy, is without most of the unneccessary trappings.

I Am The Agent: Volume One

'I Am The Agent is an alternative rock band from Newcastle/Central Coast of NSW, Australia. In their EP, Volume I, this band conveys a hauntingly beautiful and delicate sound which is achieved through a soft, clean and crisp guitar style and simple, emotional and gentle vocal melodies. Keeping this in mind, the band does not shy from taking things up a notch from time-to-time. All of these elements make it difficult to dismiss I Am The Agent into a specific and accurate category within the alternative rock genre. Furthermore, There is definitely a grunge element to this music and in some songs, this band reminds me of Nirvana. Specifically, the song Leave reminds me of Nirvanas song Polly from their album Nevermind.

Fresh Body Shop: Draw The Circle

Draw The Circle is the latest album from Fresh Body Shop, the same French artist that gave us the impressive The Ugly Army. Fresh Body Shop still rocks and maintains its funky sound that is such a treat even to those who are rather ambivalent about indie rock. There are five tracks in this album, all of which features commendable lyrics and excellent rhythm. However, while the songs are great and really pleasant to the ears, the mix could use a little more improvement so the instruments would not drown the otherwise great vocals.

Shatterhand: Shatterhand

Making alternative and pop rockers happy again by fusing elements of progressive rock, world music and alternative, Shatterhand is the brainchild of James Pink and Neil Mavor. With thubthumping drums, sweeping guitars reminiscent of a 70s guitar solo, and monotone vocals you would expect from an “alternative” band, Shatterhand doesn’t break boundaries. They do succeed, however, in covering the basics of what progressive and alternative music means.

Circa Vitae’s self titled EP – a plethora of human experience in alternative rock

Not all music albums are created the same way; there are some which just pass by, and others which gets stuck in your media player and your head. And Circa Vitae certainly does a very good job with the latter. Circa Vitae EP contains eight tracks which are resemblant of pop, rock and electronic fused with indie flavor. Literally translated into "About Life," Circa Vitae definitely puts a lot of life factors and experiences in this music album.