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Low Voltage Rangers: Spirographology

Low-Voltage Rangers might sound like a band but the fact is, there's only one man standing at the helm; Jeremy Toltzman. Taking up the moniker Low-Voltage Rangers, the artist sings, plays the instruments, and writes the songs. Spirographology takes 34 tracks recorded by the artist between 2004- 2011. This includes two of his latest singles. Despite having no label or any professional studio equipment at his disposal, the music he creates is filled with beautiful melodies and great indie lo-fi quality. It's something you'd love to listen to on a quiet evening, slowly lulling you to mellow out and relax after a long, hard day.

Karmafish: Life Support

A hodgepodge of rock, alternative, grunge, noise and progressive rock, Life Support is a pretty good album to check out. This is the latest release from a singer/songwriter and producer from England who dubs himself as, Karmafish. Although there's not much info on who this guy is, he sure has quite a number of albums under his belt. Life Support is his latest release following 4 previous records. All of which are available for free download on Jamendo and under a creative commons license. This careful menagerie of sounds and noise is perfect for any rock lover. The artists' skillful and creative take on various genres of rock is impressive at best and certainly warrants a listen.

MIT Choir: Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana

Originating from 1230 AD, the Carmina Burana is a set of medieval manuscripts consisting of 254 poems and dramatic text. It was an epic piece of text that was created by theological students mainly to satirize the church. Most of the works centered on subjects such as wealth, the nature of life, financial abuses, joy of Springtime and even the pleasure and perils of drinking. The Carmina Burata was translated into an beautiful cantata by German composer, Carl Orff in 1937. The composer's version of the Carmina is now available as a free download right on FMA. Performed by none other than the MIT Orchestra under the direction of Dr. William Cutter (2006.) This is a great piece of classical/medieval music brought to life in these modern times.

Grayscale: That Flawless Flashing Day

Grayscale is an indie pop band that creates feel-good acoustic music you'd love to play on a relaxing afternoon. The duo is made up of Douglas Dunbar and William Weaver. Sharing a common love for bands like U2, The Cure and Snow Patrol, among others; they immediately got together and recorded rough tracks that eventually became a part of their debut album, That Flawless Flashing Day. So far, the duo has released 5 compilations, including one Christmas album. Their brand of pop music ranges from acoustic, guitar infused tracks to dark, moody, alternative rock. With "Douglasí colorful and personal lyrics and Williamís spacey melody lines;" the duo make a statement and win over fans as they grace the world of acoustic pop rock music.

On Returning: A Touch of the Top of the World by

Playing retro alternative indie pop, On Returning, makes certain that people never forget the good old 80s. A Touch of the Top of the World is the group's first major compilation following a short EP release. Their characteristic 80s sounding alternative pop is very much alive and showcased in this record that it'll be hard for people who love the decade to not like this album. Compiling 9 upbeat retro electronica sounding pop in one record, A Touch of the Top of the World, resonates with the same aesthetic as songs from their previous and recent releases. It contains lovely, uptempo indie alternative rock with an 80s synth touch here and there. If you're a big fan of The Cure or maybe yearned for a more rockish Pet Shop Boys, then this record will make you happy.

Atomic Horsebox: Sound Like

Atomic Horsebox is the pet project of German musician, Phil Noonan. Noonan is no stranger to the music industry. He can be considered a veteran, having been part of several bands like The Winchesters, Crystal Kitchen, and The Probability of the Impossible just to name a few. Sound Like is an 11 track record from the singer. It features an indie pop rock sound that's made even more special thanks to the artist's excellent rockish vocals. It's not just the rhythm or beat that makes this special, Noonan also has a knack for incorporating quirky lyrics to his songs. Thanks to this, it becomes even more entertaining to listen to.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: A Collector’s Guidebook

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is not a spy duo making music on the side, it's actually the pet project of model and songwriter, Hollis Smith. The album is a very low key folk record that's perfect for bundling up beside the fireplace on a cold, winter day. This 10 track album is only one of several compilations already released by the artist. Although the songs are quite simple, there's a certain mysterious aura that circles most of the tracks. It's this beauty that makes the album worth listening to over and over again. Play it as background music as you read or as you work, it's certainly a wonderful piece to complement your day.

Lenin/McCarthy: ART

If the name didn't capture your attention first, then maybe their music will make a better impression. Lenin/McCarthy and their latest record, titled ART; combine amusing song titles with equally entertaining sounds. Listening to the band is like a form of release. There's the hardcore guitar licks, the loud drumming, the slightly low key, yet growly vocals and the overall catchiness of the tracks. It's like partying and rocking out with your favorite band while they play one feet away from you in a cramped room. These OZ natives are sure to give you enough of a good time that you'll be wondering when again will you be stuck in a tight, cramped room with a rock band.

Dust River: Permanent Crisis

Listening to Dust River is like suffering through a 90s de'javu. If you didn't know better, you could easily mistake this French band for a popular, now-defunct grunge genius band named, Nirvana. The only real giveaway is the French sounding vocals as opposed to the garbled words of Cobain. Nevertheless, Permanent Crisis reflects a moody, grunge sound that's reminiscent of the movement when it first came out. The songs feature prominent jangly guitars, a rockin' vibe and plenty of attitude. This is the first EP from the group and so far, they're still trying to shape their sound. It's a pretty good effort though. One that certainly deserves to be heard. Give it a listen.