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Young Broke & Fameless is the critically acclaimed debut mixtape from PAZ. His ultra-catchy mashup of clever rhymes with rock riffs and hip-hop beats has quickly caught the attention of both fans and established musicians like The Black Eyed Peas and Tim McGraw.

Legendary L.A. super-promoter Tommy Alastra called PAZ, “Hottest new act right now, bar none. You hear this kid once and you know he’s what everyone’s gonna be sounding like.”

This is a MUST DOWNLOAD, awesome sound (specially when acoustic), really cool voice, fresh style and really funny lyrics (the song “Monday” above all).

We learned today from TorrentFreak that this Mix tape is being promoted with every download of uTorrent.

Inspired by the trends-setters, the people at BitTorrent Inc. have now decided to launch a marketing campaign of their own, promoting the mixtape debut of PAZ, titled Young Broke & Fameless. For uTorrent and its parent company BitTorrent Inc. this is the first step in a new direction, that of actively supporting artists who want to distribute their content using BitTorrent.

“We want to continue to build on the successes that we have already seen with Pioneer One and the Yes Men. In both cases, their creations were wildly downloaded and consumers showed their enthusiasm by opening their wallets and donating to these creators so that they can continue to make future content,” BitTorrent Inc. spokesperson Jenna Broughton told TorrentFreak.

And here’s a message from PAZ:

This is a preview of the mixtape — you can download the missing tracks for free at:

And if you tweet — or if you tell your friends you don’t but secretly do under the assumed identity of a promiscuous 19 year old girl — drop a line:

And if you see me at a show, say the code words: “I like to eat bacon and walk around the house naked.”

You will be rewarded.

Or laughed at.

Much Love,


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