One producer/multi-instrumentalits plus one vocalist/lyricist equals one atmospheric and diverse album. The Freakout Tent is the third compilation from talented producer Anitek and rap lyricist/vocalist, Tab.

These two go together like butter and bread. Anitek is known as a top trip hop producer, creating varied and interesting mixes to compliment any samples and vocals overlaid on a track. On the other hand, Tab is a rapper known for his solid verses. He hardly pulls witty one liners like most MCs like to do but instead relies on the structure of his lyrics to go against or flow with Anitek’s sound.

The Freakout Tent collects 15 expressive and trippy tracks showcasing how two artists can work together and create such luscious beats. Compared to their previous releases like Travelling in Stereo and Chasing Rabbits, The Freakout Tent is an album that marks a rare moment. For this album, boundaries were crossed and both Anitek and Tab worked together to produce the album. In previous releases, Tab took hold of the vocals while Anitek worked purely on producing and mixing. The result of this new venture is a much more diverse and beat driven sound that still exudes with Anitek’s crafty style, albeit also showcasing Tab’s expressive musicianship.

Because of the lack in vocal work as well as its overall sound, the album feels like something made for a film or some sort of visual production as opposed to an actual trip hop album. Nevertheless, if you are into Tab as well as Anitek’s works, then The Freakout Tent will certainly not disappoint.

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