It is like getting back in time. Take Yo Time is the debut album of musical duo Benjamin Hunter & Joseph Seamons. Listen up to this newest artists as they take us to a journey that will remind you of how beautiful a simple life is. This album is easygoing, and has unassuming vibe. It is a combination of folk, acoustic, blues, and country with that distinct 60’s musical style.

Armed with their banjos and homey vocals, the duo’s Long Tall Mama is a beautiful track that does not need for you to cry or wallow. Long Tall Mama has a happy tune that will chase your blues away. Gospel song just gets better with this track.

Musical style that is reminiscent to the country-folk of 60’s, Sit Down on the Banks of the River is a charming piece. The banjos, and wooden sticks being tap together, creates a toe-tapping tune. This is a mild-mannered track coupled with lyrics that tells hope.

A blues music that combat your blues, Broke Down Engine Blues is a track that lifts your spirit. The lyrics are simple. You will definitely want to sing along with this whenever you are so down. The amazing blend of banjos and fiddle gives a surprisingly easygoing melody.

Despite the distinctive homey vocals and easygoing vibe, Got the Blues (Can’t Be Satisfied) is a track that has a sad story in it. The lyrics is straightforward, but not that blunt. The dramatic notes from the fiddle, accompanied with the banjos give this piece more character as it tells the story.

Take Yo Time is a five-track album created by Benjamin Hunter & Joseph Seamons’ as part of their musical project called The Rhapsody Program that aims to “strengthen communities through song and spread the gospel of folk and blues music” as listed on their Bandcamp page.

Track List:
1. Long Tall Mama
2. Sit Down on the Banks of the River
3. Broke Down Engine Blues
4. Got the Blues (Can’t Be Satisfied)
5. Some of These Days

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