Sometimes, all we want is a fitting return to the easy-to-listen pop rock, where we thank the Greek gods above for bands such as Pilot Rouge.

Formed just this 2013, the three-member act, comprised of vocalist Kevin Terry, guitarist Max Welshinger, and keyboardist Allison Louise, pay homage to the mother of all chaos – Helen of Troy – as muse for their debut EP of the same name. After all, Helen is the ultimate embodiment of ‘love’, which everyone is after.

She gets her own track, “Helen”, a powerful opening track that could’ve easily been penned by heartbreak extraordinaire Ryan Tedder, and lures via the harmony between Terry and Louise’s vocals.

Likewise, on their willingness to make it to the scene, the band evokes inspirations such as Kings of Leon on “So Much More” (the ‘woahs’ are too hard not to notice) and John Mayer on the first single “Given You My Heart”.

At the other side of the spectrum though, they finally assert their identities on the concluding songs “Walk on Water” and “Dreamers”, meshing in the irreplaceable formula of rousing choruses, orchestra-like arrangements, and those uber-sweet lyrics.

Right now, they might be dubbed as just “one of those bands”, but it’s assured that Helen of Troy does its work in providing a polished breed of pop that will definitely set the stage for their succeeding releases.

Get mesmerized with Helen’s musical equivalent now.

Track listing:

  1. Helen
  2. So Much More
  3. Given You My Heart
  4. Walk On Water
  5. Dreamers

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