Month: September 2010

Can’t Stop The Daggers: ep one

Alternative indie rock band that brings to mind Radiohead only less weirder and poppier. Can't Stop the Daggers is a four piece group from Phoenix, Arizona. Their demo, EP one, contains four hypnotic indie alternative tracks filled with swelling synths and melodramatic drums. Capitalizing on their catchy and soothing sound, the group instantly captures their listeners attention. Can't Stop the Daggers is composed of guitarist Chris Chattom, Jon Partelow on vocals, Emily Schalick on bass and Lionel Luchessi on drums and percussion. Ep one is definitely a breakthrough Ep that contains great tracks suited for a quiet "me" time.


Even though it may seem like years ago, there was once a time when people and children (back in the day) played a game called Pinball. It was an actual board with holes in it and a metal ball. Kids today might not even have the slightest idea what Pinball is but they might know Neverball. Neverball is a fun marble freeware game similar to that of Nintendo's Super Monkey Ball. The game is a fun and excellent way to kill time. Use the mouse to tilt the board and direct the ball through various obstacles. Send it flying in the air, hit or avoid obstacles and obtain coins.


Tired of not being able to see your computer screen thanks to the little post-it notes and reminders that have filled it up? If you are, then you might want to get Stickies as an alternative instead. Stickies is a PC utility that you can use on your computer screen to jot down notes and other important tasks that you might want to do and remember throughout the day. It works just like a regular sticky note except its posted right in your computer screen. No more messy computer screens for you! Stickies contains plenty of great features like alarms, different colors and sizes, network sharing and a nice function where you can attach the note to a particular window.

Tab: The Freakout Tent

One producer/multi-instrumentalits plus one vocalist/lyricist equals one atmospheric and diverse album. The Freakout Tent is the third compilation from talented producer Anitek and rap lyricist/vocalist, Tab. These two go together like butter and bread. Anitek is known as a top trip hop producer, creating varied and interesting mixes to compliment any samples and vocals overlaid on a track. On the other hand, Tab is a rapper known for his solid verses. He hardly pulls witty one liners like most MCs like to do but instead relies on the structure of his lyrics to go against or flow with Anitek's sound.