It’s the rare times of color and sound’s collision that they produce such magnificent results.

This might sound as a load of sugarcoating, but we kid you not. The debut EP of alt band The Color and Sound, The Spring Tour, is a bunch of highly-charged rock tunes that brings punk rock back to its glory days — you know, when it wasn’t that pop.

The band was conceived out of a “collaborative idea” between friends Chris, Ally, Nick, Joe, Steve, and Christen (some of which have musical experiences already), and they’ve produced a solid collection that seriously reads “mainstream potential”.

The anthemic “Gregory” starts off the EP with its big drum beats, choruses, and muscular riffs; you could go as far as to say that this is a tribute of sorts to Queen.

Following is the slightly softened “The Van Song“, which now emulates the recent All Time Low record, but in a good way. The same goes with for “Slow Decline“, where Ally’s sweet vocals provide a refreshing contrast to the otherwise all-male ‘instrumentations’.

On the final two tracks, especially on the single “Graves“, they dip into 2005, where the catchy yet spunky punk of the time resonates (eg., Bowling for Soup) — awfully missed, indeed.

We like where this is going.

the color and sound ep

Track listing:
1. Gregory
2. The Van Song
3. Slow Decline
4. Bruised and Battered
5. Graves

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